Stretch the limits of your imagination and unleash your creative potential, using simple tools.


Design functions to automatically generate multiple outputs like motors, LEDs, display, sound etc.


Observe and record data like light,sound and temperature, to understand their relationship with natural and man-made factors.


With the help of our Bisoft app, program various electronic parts to perform functions through simple logical instructions.



IoT and Mesh Enabled
Powerful 32 bit processor
Multiple Device Support
Bluetooth 4.0 enabled


Inside the box

Bibox Snipe


4-in-1 super sensor

All connectors required are present in the Snipe Kit.


Robotic Toys:

Build your own toys and never run out of fun!

Innovative Machines:

Build your own solutions to everyday problems!

Social Projects:

Build your own social projects to help society and be a hero!

Proof-of-Concept Prototypes:

Build demonstrations of your own concepts, than explaining it!

It's true.

When you try to innovate and change the world around you, Bibox Snipe Kit has the potential to be your technological assistant! It works just like how our brain makes sense of the outside world - Getting input from sense organs, and changing behavior in response to the received information. You can program it to take in data from input elements (sensors, switches, etc.) and give out results using output elements (LEDs, motors etc.). Well, what are you waiting for? Whether you're a student or a parent, a teacher or a tinkerer, invite the Bibox Snipe Kit into your life and seize the future, now!


  • Can kids use BiBox Snipe without parental supervision?
  • Yes, Kids above the age of 10, who are comfortable and confident in the use of both mobile apps and electronic items, can use it with ease. Although Parents can also guide the kids in learning the usage.
  • Is engineering knowledge needed to use the Snipe?
  • No! BIBOX Snipe is an easy to use tinkering platform top build quick projects, smart machines and robots. As a beginner, no engineering knowledge will be required. A little understanding of logic flow programming & tinkering will be beneficial.
  • Is computer knowledge required to use the BISOFT app?
  • No!, the BISOFT app is GUI type, designed to be an intuitive and user friendly. Basic understanding of mobile usage will suffice.
  • Can Snipe be used for school projects and competitions?
  • Yes, Snipe can be used for all competitions and projects. It is built to enable all users to develop smart innovative project and showcase the same.
  • Is BiBox Snipe waterproof?
  • No!, BiBox Snipe is NOT waterproof, please keep it away from rain / moisture / puddles and liquid spills.
  • Is Snipe Open Source?
  • Yes Bibox Snipe is open source. All the documents, codes and design files can be downloaded from opensource.bibox.in
  • Are there different versions of Snipe for kids and for adults?
  • “One Kit fits all”. The BIBOX Snipe Kit, has been designed such that, it is usable by both kids as well as adults.
  • Can the Bibox Snipe kit be bought from a store?
  • “The world is going online, so have we”. You can order the BIBOX Snipe Kit v1.0, from amazon.in or contact us direclty to place the order.
  • Is there a trial or a demo option for the kit?
  • You can look at the Video’s present on the website to understand how the kit works.
  • What other accessories are available to Purchase?
  • We’ve a collection of OUTPUT, INPUT and POWER Accessories.

    OUTPUT Accessories :

    LED module - Blue

    7 segment module

    Electomagnet module

    DC motor with propellor

    Stepper motor with driver

    Dot matrix display module

    Plastic geared motor

    Metal Geared motor - 10RPM

    Metal Geared motor - 100RPM

    DC water pump

    Peltier module

    INPUT Accessories :

    Dual switch

    4-in-1 Super sensor

    Magnetic sensor

    Metal sensor

    Ultrasonic sensor

    RFID sensor set

    Bend sensor

    Rotatory sensor


    Heartbeat sensor

    PIR sensor

    Gas sensor

    Solar panel

    Signal Extenders :

    Dual splitter module

    Octa splitter module

    1-to-1 extender module

  • If I’m a BIBOX student at school, do I get a discount on the BIBOX Snipe Kit?
  • BIBOX Snipe kit is a low cost kit, that can be purchased by anybody.
  • What are the different models that can be built with the Tern Kit?
  • Using the BIBOX think Kit, various models like:- Traffic light, Automatic street light, Obstacle sensing car, Automatic door, Line following robot, Laser gun, Sound meter, Remote controlled rolling bot, Scared Rolly, water level indicator, Fire alarm, Colour changing flower,Smart Blind stick, etc…
  • Are there tutorials on how kids can use the kit?
  • Yes, On the BISOFT app, there is a section called “Tutorial”, which contains video tutorials on different projects using the different accessories of the BIBOX Think kit. This will be updated consistently with new projects.
  • Can Tern be used for real projects or only models?
  • Yes, BIBOX Tern can be used to build any real live projects and models.
  • Is the kit compatible with cables and parts not from Bibox like Lego?
  • Any other cables and parts from Non-BIBOX brand cannot be directly connected. We recommend that, you give a call to the Technical support team on this, to see the compatibility for using them. We do have some extenders and connectors to allow other parts to connect to BIBOX.
  • Will Bibox provide service and replacements if some parts are lost or broken?
  • Yes, We provide a support team, to help you with any problem in regard to your BIBOX Kit.
  • Is there any warranty or guarantee on the product?
  • BIBOX Snipe device has a warranty of 1 month against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
  • Is there a support center for those who have doubts on using the kit?
  • Yes, We provide a support number, given on the packaging of Snipe kit, to which you can call to get help on doubts and usage of the BIBOX Kit.
  • How do I know, if my Android device is compatible before I purchase the BIBOX Snipe Kit?
  • The BISOFT app is compatible with most Bluetooth Low Energy devices running Android™ 4.4.4 (KitKat) or later. The easiest way to test compatibility before purchasing the product is to download and install the free BISOFT App, from Googel Playstore. If your device is not compatible, Google PlayStore will not allow you to download and install the app. If the app can download, install, and run correctly on your device, then it means, your android device is fully compatibility. In case of Troubleshooting, reach out to us at [email protected]
  • My BIBOX Snipe won’t show up in the BISOFT app when I scan for devices.
  • Make sure that the power to the Snipe is provided bia a USB cable and Snipe is turned ON. Close the app and switch Bluetooth OFF & ON in your device settings. If you're still having problems, try restarting your Android device completely.
  • My BIBOX Snipe disconnects often and seems to pause or run slowly
  • This is most likely caused by Bluetooth interference. Ensure that there are no other Bluetooth devices connected or switched ON (especially audio devices), as these can cause interference which can cause issues. If you're still having problems try turning your device's WiFi OFF to reduce interference
  • Why is my Android app asking for a pin?
  • This should not be the case. Close BISOFT app, uninstall it on the Android device. Re-install the app, then relaunch the app. There should not be any pin issue.